Database Management System Data Processing

Database Management System Data Processing Data processing A collection of raw numbers is called data. The crude word implies that realities have not been prepared to obtain their correct meaning. The data is given to the processing of the figure. The data is collected from various sources. It meets for various purposes.


Database Management System Data Processing

System Data Processing


The data can include numbers, characters, images or images, etc. Data processing is an essential asset for any association. An asset is anything that is important to an association. The assets incorporate structures, furniture, vehicles, devices, and representatives. The data is seen as an asset, as they review the data to establish legitimate and timely options. It empowers the administration of the association to use different viable assets. It is not possible to establish a great option if you can not access the data in the desired configuration.

Example: The data of a substitute can include the roll number, the student’s name, the father’s name and the marks of several subjects. The motivation behind the collection of this data is to keep the substitute’s record within the time frame of the examination.

Image data:

  • The image data incorporate diagrams, graphics, images, and illustrations. This type of data is extensive. It can be transmitted as a bit arrangement.

Sound data:

  • The sound is a representation of sound. Incorporates music, speech or any type of sound.

Video data:

  • The video is a layout of full-motion images that plays at a fast time. The video is used to show activities and developments.


The prepared data is called data. The data is a compound and processed data. It is more important than data and used to decide. form Example Substitute data can be prepared to deliver valuable data, for example, add to the substitute’s review. You may also be prepared to locate the number of past and stamped students and unsuccessful substitutes, and so on.

The distinction between data and information:

The distinction between data and data is as follows:


  • The data is a disposition of coarse certainties
  • It is used as a contribution to the PC.
  • The data is not important.
  • The volume of data is regularly huge. accessible for individuals available to be purchased
  • It is problematic or even difficult to repeat. For example, if the government loses the enumeration
  • data, it will be relatively difficult to duplicate it.
  • The data is used from time to time
  • The data is an autonomous substance
  • The data is not used as part of the basic leadership.


  • The data has to be handled by a type of data. It is the performance of the PC.
  • The data is significant.
  • The volume of data is usually short
  • Data is normally available for people available to buy
  • It is less demanding to imitate if it is lost.
  • For example, if the summary of nationals without education is that you can effectively replicate lost, saved data.
  • The data is used most of the time.
  • The data is based on the data.
  • It is essential for basic leadership

Data processing:

A procedure for changing data in important data is called data processing. The data is the information and the data is the performance of a data processing system. Be that as it may, it can not be used for basic leadership. It must be changed to meaningful data with a specific end goal to use it to establish vital options. This transformation consists of several advances that are made in a grouping.

Data processing cases:

Some cases of data processing are the following:

The characteristics of the students in the exam are saved as data. Suppose that second-year students who received a review on the exam are needed. Some processes connected to the signs of the substitutes. This procedure will provide new data as the desired summary. In this data processing, the signs of the substitutes are the data (enter the summary of the substitutes with An evaluations is the information (performance).

People store cash in banks that are stored as data in records or computers. Suppose that the bank administrator needs to know the total amount that is saved in the bank. The total sum can be found by including all the sums saved in the bank. In this data processing, the measurement of several individuals is data (input) and the aggregate of all the sums is the information (performance).

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