Example of Data Information Computer Operating System

Example of Data Information Computer Operating System” The processed data Is called information. Information is an organized and processed form of data. It is more meaningful than data and is used for making decisions. Data is Used as an input for the processing and information is the output of the processing.

This information can be used again in some other processing and will be considered as data in that processing

Example of Data Information Computer Operating System

Example of Data Information

The marks of a student in a different subject are the data. To calculate the total marks, the marks of the different subject are used as data and total marks is the information. Now, to calculate the average marks of the student,

This information will be processed again. In this processing, the information is used as data and average marks will be the information.

Some example of information are as follows:- itwords.org

1: In college and university, the raw facts about a student are stored on admission forms. If we want to find out a list of all student who lives in Faisalabad, we will apply some processing on this data.

This processing will give us the desired list. This list is a form of processed data and will be called information.

2: The data store in the census is used to generate different type of information.

For example:-

The government can use it to find the total number of graduates or literacy rate in the country, etc.

This information can be obtained by processing stored data. The government can use this information to take important decisions to improve the literacy rate.

3: An organization can use the opinion of the people as data and process to generate information about its interest.

For example:-

It can know how many people of the country are satisfied with the quality of its product and how many are unsatisfied.

The organization can use this information for the improvement of its product.

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