WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT EXPANDING YOUR KNOWLEDGE” A deeper knowledge of select topics can greatly enhance your understanding of information technology. In each of the following chapters, Expanding Your Knowledge feature presents four questions designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of select topics.

Typically, one question in Expanding Your Knowledge relates to a topic contained on your Computing Today CD. Some of those topics are listed below. Select the two that you find the most interesting and then describe why they are of interest to you and why they are important.


Expanding Your Knowledge:-

How Instant Messaging Works One of the fastest-growing applications on the Internet is instant messaging. This extension to e-mail provides a way for friends and colleagues to communicate and share information from almost anywhere in the world.
How Web-based Applications Work Some predict that many organizations will be using Web-based applications in the near future. These organizations will not be required to own, install, upgrade, or store applications. Additionally, applications and application files can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world.
How Web Site Development Works Developing or publishing a Web site is a common activity for organizations of all types and for people from all walks of life. The process of creating a Web site consists of five steps: planning, analyzing and designing, creating, going online, and maintaining.
How Computer Viruses Work Computer viruses are destructive and dangerous programs that can migrate through networks and operating systems. They often attach themselves to other programs, e-mail messages, and databases. It is essential to protect your computer systems from computer viruses.
How Digital Photography Works While traditional cameras capture images on film, digital cameras capture images, and convert them into a digital form. These images can be viewed immediately and saved to a disk or into the memory of the camera.
How Internet Telephones Work Internet telephones offer a low-cost alternative to making long-distance calls. Using the Internet telephone (or other appropriate audio input and output devices), the Internet, a special service provider, a sound card, and special software you can place long distance calls to almost anywhere in the world.
How Wireless Networks Work Wireless home networks are becoming very popular. These LANs are easy to set up and use. They allow different computers to share resources including a common Internet connection and printer.


A portfolio typically consists of printed material that documents an in- 1 dividual’s skills and knowledge. The process of creating a portfolio helps individuals to recognize and to organize their accomplishments.

A well-designed and complete portfolio can be an essential tool for landing that perfect job. In the following chapters, the Building Your Portfolio feature presents four questions designed to help you create a portfolio to document your computer competency and knowledge.

Two questions in Building Your Portfolio typically relate to key technologies. Some of these technologies are listed below. Select the two that you find the most interesting and then describe why they are of interest to you and why a prospective employer would be impressed with this knowledge

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