14 BEST CHARACTERISTICS OF COMPUTERS IT WORDS” The modern age is the age of automation. Everything and every device are automatic. A computer is not only adding machine or calculator.

When a program is in the computer’s memory, the CPU follows these instructions until the last instruction executes It means when once the process had begun, It would continue without the need for human intervention until completion.

Speed: We can use a computer to perform quickly the necessary calculations and analyses. Electrical pulses travel at incredible speed and because the computer is an electronic device,

Its internal speed is virtually great. A powerful computer is capable of adding together two 18-digits in 300-400 nanoseconds. The speed of a computer measured in MHz and GHz.



Accuracy is also a characteristic of a computer. A computer can perform complicated tasks with accuracy. An error occurs due to programmer.incorrect data or poorly designed systems otherwise computer has no chance of error.

A computer executes millions of instruction in seconds and with accuracy.


Computer is very reliable. Many personal computers have never needed service cal. Communications are also very reliable and generally available. A computer can perform very complicated calculations without creating any problems.


A computer has internal storage memory as well as external or secondary storage. In secondary storage, a large amount of data can be stored for future use.

The store data are available at any time for processing. So computer storage memory helps us to keep store our important data.


Computer is a more flexible machine and it gives us flexibility in many tasks. We can conduct banking online instead of driving to the bank. Almost all banking and office work are online nowadays.

The only computers provide us such flexibility.

Usage of Computer

Usage of Computer Computers are used everywhere:-

They found their applications starting with playing games until processing Satelite images to give weather information.

In Education:-

Nowadays the computer plays an important role in education. Teachers use a computer as teaching aids. Nowadays colleges are setting up such a system where student and faculty attendance,

Syllabus, schedule of tests are put on the web, students, parents, and faculties can access it from anywhere and get the update. Students also use a computer to complete their homework given at school ar college.

In Industries:-

Computers play a very important role in industries. All modern industries use a computer for different tasks. In most advance industries all the task is control by computer.

Computers used to automate manual tasks. Computers control the production quality in industries. Although a computer is much faster then a human being so it is used to control a machine.

Computers can be used to produce patents in textile industries. and color combinations of paint industries. In short all advance industries ute computer for better production results.

In Business:-

In business, the computer is used for clerical and administrative purposes. For example tax counting, salary slips preparations, etc, can be done by using computers.

Stock market predictions can be done. Banks are using computers to maintain the account details and transactions. E-banking is picking up popularity because of flexibility. E-shopping is one more concept to gain popularity.

buy the displayed items by paying using the credit card or cash on the delivery industry, where customers can options.

By Government:-

A Government use computers at their offices to keep track of attendance of an employee: for example military applications satellite launching and collecting taxes. So we can say the computer also plays an important role by the Government.

At Home:-

In-home computers are mostly used for entertainment. They are used to checks mails ar chat with family members abroad. You can do video chatting where you can actually see the person you are talking to.

Other applications gaining, listing to music, watching movies and do some documentation tasks.

In Entertainment:-

A Computer is also used for entertainment. A computer used in movie making and music. We can also watch movies and any kind of entertaining videos and music with the help of computers. Kids enjoy playing games using computers.

Advantages of Computer:-

The computer has so many advantages. Some are following.

1. It helps you automate various tasks that you cant do manually.

2. It helps you organize your data and information in a better way.

3. It has much more computing and calculating power than an ordinary human.

4 It may help your work to be a lot easier.

5. It may be the storage of your important work and data.

6. It may be your handbook.

7. It may help you solve problems faster then an ordinary human being can do.

8. It has speed, storage, reliability, consistency, and communications.

9. It helps you to find useful information using the internet.

10. It helps in business, factories, offices, schools, and homes.

11. It provides us a lot of entertainment.

12. It provide us flexibility and reliability.

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