Advantages of Computer IT Program Problem & Solving

Advantages of Computer IT Program” Problem-solving is a process of identifying a problem and finding the best solution for it. Problem-solving is a skill that can be developed by following a well-organized approach. We solve different problems every day. Every problem is different in its nature. Some problems are very different and require more attention to identify the solution.

Advantages of Computer IT Program Problem & Solving

Advantages of Computer

Different strategies, techniques, and tools are used to solve a problem. A computer is used as a tool to solve complex problems by developing computer programs. Computer programs contain different instruction for the computer. A programmer writes instructions and computer executes these instructions to solve a problem.

1: Program    2: Algorithm    3: Flowchart etc.


A set of instruction given to the computer to solve the problem is called a program. A computer works according to the instruction written in the program. It follows these instructions to program a task. It is stored as a file on the storages media such as hard disk. The programs are written in different programming languages.

Advantages of Computer Program:-

1: A computer program can solve many problems by giving instruction to a computer.

2: A computer program can be used to perform a task repeatedly and quickly.

3: A program can process a large amount of data easily.

4: it can display the result in different styles.

5: the processing of a program is more efficient and less time-consuming.

6: Different types of programs are used in different fields to perform certain tasks.

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