Audio Input Devices Voice Input

Audio Input Devices Voice input audio input devices The process of entering any sound into the computer is called an audio input. It can include voice, music or any other sound effect. Audio can be entered through different devices, such as a microphone, tape players, CD / DVD player or radio. Audio devices convert sounds into a format that can be processed by the computer. A sound card is required to enter high-quality sound into a personal computer.

Audio Input Devices Voice Input

Audio Input Devices Voice Input


The microphone is an audio data input file, like the human voice. It can be the device to digitize many on a computer or recorder. Software applications can accept data with the microphone. It allows a user to enter text and problems to send orally. The software in the computer converts the digital form of waves. Then the sound in use is stored in memory according to the requirement.

MIDI means digital interface of a musical instrument. MIDI devices are used to enter music and other sound effects into the computer. These devices connect to the sound card in the computer. The user can compose and edit and many other sounds using the software. Electronic piano keyboard an example of MIDI device.

Voice input:

A microphone connected to the computer The process of entering data when speaking in a help of or is called voice input. a microphone connected to the computer with a recognition card. The ability of a computer to distinguish spoken words is called voice recognition. Voice input is a faster way to enter. Many words and applications provide the ease of voice input. The user speaks in the microphone application software writes the spoken words as text.

There are two types of speech recognition software:

  • 1. Speaker-dependent software: in the software dependent on the speaker, the user must train his computer. He speaks the words repeatedly and the computer stores his speech pattern for future use.
  • 2 Independent speaker software: in the speaker independent software, the user does not train the computer. This software has an integrated set of word patterns.
  • Some speech recognition programs require discrete speech. It means that the user has to speak slowly. Each word must be spoken separately. On the other hand, some software includes continuous speech. The user can talk continuously in a flow.

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