Classification of Computers & Major Types of Software

Classification of Computers & Major Types of Software” There are many computers which are different from each other in various aspects. Classification of computer are given below. Micro Computers: Microcomputer is a complete computer on a smaller scale.

These computers are also called personal computers or PC. Two major types of these computers are laptop or desktop computers. Only one user can use these computers at a time. A microcomputer contains a microprocessor, memory 1/0 ports and a bus, housed on a circuit called.

Classification of Computers


These computers are much slower then the large computers. These computers are inexpensive and easy to use These computers used in small business and school classrooms.

Mini Computers:-

Minicomputers introduced in 1960. These computers are powerful computers. These can execute 5 millions instructions in one seconds. These are much smaller then mainframe and also less-expensive.

These computers between the microcomputers and mainframe computers. These are stand alone computers. These computers are used in small and mediam businesses purposes.

Mainframe Computers:-

A main frame computer is a high performance computer used for large scale computing purposes. These are very large often filling an entire room. They can store enormous of information.

They can perform many tasks at same time and communicate with many users at same time. These are very expensive and faster. These computers can execute 16 millions instructions per/sec.

Terminals used to connect user to this computer. These are introduced in 1975. These computers used in large business,Government agents’and Universities.

Major Types of Software:-

Software is the means by which computer systems speak with computer users. Software forms the heart of computer systems. What are the major types of software? Read on to find out. Software, by definition, is the collection of computer programs, procedures and documentation that performs different tasks on a computer system.

The term ‘software’ was first used by John Turkey in 1958. At the very basic level, computer software consists of a machine language that consists of groups of binary values, which specify processor instructions.

The processor instructions change the state of computer hardware in a predefined sequence. Briefly, computer software is the language in which a computer speaks. There are different types of computer software. What are their major types? Let us see. Major Types of Software.

Programming Software:-

This is one of the most commonly known and popularly used forms of computer software. These software come in forms of tools that assist a programmer in writing computer programs.

Computer programs are sets of logical instructions that make a computer system perform certain tasks. The tools that help the programmers in instructing a computer system include text editors, compilers and interpreters.

System Software:-

It helps in running the computer hardware and the computer system. System software is a collection of operating systems; devise drivers, servers, windowing systems and utilities.

System software helps an application programmer in abstracting away from hardware, memory and other internal complexities ef a computer.

Application Software:-

It enables the end users to accomplish certain specific tasks. Business software, databases and educational software are some forms of application software.

Different word processors, which are dedicated for specialized tasks to be performed by the user, are other examples of application software. Apart from these three basic types of software,

There are some other well-known forms of computer software like inventory management software, ERP, utility software, accounting software and others. Take .a look at some of them.

Inventory Management Software:-

This type of software helps an organization in tracking its goods and materials on the basis of quality as well as quantity. Warehouse inventory management functions encompass the internal warehouse movements and storage.

Inventory software helps a company in organizing inventory and optimizing the flow of goods in the organization, thus leading to an improved customer service.

Utility Software:-

Also known as service routine, utility software helps in the management of computer hardware and application software. It performs a small range of tasks.

Disk defragmenters, systems utilities and virus scanners are some of the typical examples of utility software.

Data Backup and Recovery Software:-

An ideal data backup and recovery software provides functionalities beyond simple copying of data files. This software often supports user needs of specifying what is to be backed up and when.

Backup and recovery software preserve the original organization of files and allow an easy retrieval of the backed up data.


Data is a collection of facts and figures. data can be any text , number image etc.

Types of Data:-

Data have following types Numerical Data (or quantitative data): Data measured or identified on a numerical scale. Numerical data can be analyzed using statistical methods, and results can be displayed using tables, charts, histograms and graphs.

For example, a researcher will ask a questions to a participant that include words how often, how many or percentage. The answers from the questions will be numerical. Having decimal values 45 -94 etc.

Alphabetic Data:-

The type of data which consists of alphabets is called Alphabetic Data. It. may contains alphabetic letters both upper and lower case.

Alphanumeric Data:-

Alphanumeric (sometimes shortened to alphanumeric Data) is a combination of alphabetic and numeric characters, and is used to describe the collection of Latin letters and Arabic digits or a text constructed from this collection.

There are either 36 (single case) or 62 (case-sensitive) alphanumeric characters. The alphanumeric character set consists of the numbers 0 to 9 and letters A to Z. In the Perl programming language,

The underscore character ( ) is also considered to be a member of the alphanumeric set of characters.

Data Processing:-

Refers to a class of programs that organize and manipulate data, usually large amounts of numeric- data. Accounting prögrams are the prototypical examples of data processing applications. In contrast,

word processors, which manipulate text rather than numbers, are not usually referred to as data processing applications.

Electronic Data Processing:-

Electronic data processing is any process that a computer program does to enter data and summaries, analyze or otherwise convert data into usable information.

The process may be automated and run on a computer data-processing systems typically manipulate raw data into information, and likewise information systems typically take raw data as input to produce information as output.

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