Component of Database Environment With Database Management

Component of Database Environment” a repository is collocation of all data definitions, data relationship, output styles, and report formats etc. all this information is the metadata that is important to manage the database.

2: Database Management system: a database management system (DBMS) is a collection of programs that used to create and maintain a database.

Component of Database Environment With Database Management

Component of Database Environment

3: Database:-

The database can be defined as an organized collection of related data. The word “organized” Means that data is stored in such a way that the user can store, manipulate and retrieve data easily. The word “related” Means that a database is normally created to store the data about a particular topic.

4: Application Program:-

An application program is a program that is used commands to the database management system to manipulate the database. These commands are sent to the DBMS through the graphical user interface. The user interacts with the application program and the application program further with the database management system. Two important application programs are developer2000 and power builder.

5: User Interface:-

The user interface is a visual environment that is used by the user to communicate with the computer. It consists of menus, buttons and other components. All windows based software use graphical user interface. The user interface consists of the following components:


The forms are used to enter data in the database. A form consists of textboxes, labels, and buttons that are used by the user for entering data easily. The user can also retrieve, change and update data by using forms.


Menus are a list of commands for performing different aeration. Menus are frequently used in Windows-based application.


Reports are the output of the database application. The user can generate different types of reports by manipulating the database. The information on the reports by manipulating the database.

6: Data Administrators:-

Data administrators are the persons who are responsible for the whole information system. They authorize access to the database as well as coordinate and monitor the use of the database.

7: System Analysts and application Programmers:-

System analysts determine the requirement of the end user and develop specifications for transactions. Application programmers implement these specifications and programs.

8: End User:-

An end user is those persons who interact with the application directly. They are responsible to insert, delete and update data in the database. They get information from the system as and when required.


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