Components of Database System Examples of Databases

Components of Database System The database framework is a sorted out accumulation of related information. The word composed implies that the information is put away such that the client can without much of a stretch store, control and recover information. The related word implies that the database is generally made to store information about a specific point.

Components of Database System

Components of Database System 

For instance:

In the event that you make a database for understudies, it will contain information about the understudies, for example, the rundown, name, address and other data about the understudies. Similarly, if the database is about the representatives of an association, it will contain the information of the workers, for example, the recognizable proof of the representative, the capability, and the compensation, and so on. Every one of the information in the database is sorted out in tables.


The table is the basic protest of the structure of the database. The essential reason for a table is to store information. It comprises lines and sections. A table is an extremely helpful approach to store information. The client can without much of a stretch to control the information in a table.


  • The columns are the even piece of the table. For instance, there are three lines in the past table. Each column contains an alternate individual record.


  • The segments are the vertical piece of the table. For instance, every one of the qualities in the Name field in the past table shape a segment.


Telephone catalog:

The telephone directory is a basic case of a database. Telephone stores the phone quantities of various individuals. You can look for any telephone number in the telephone directory Some critical cases of databases are: effortlessly in light of the fact that all telephone numbers are put away in a sorted out way.


A library contains a large number of books. It is exceptionally hard to deal with the records of every one of these books without a database. A database framework can be utilized to store records of books, individuals from the library, book issuance, and recovery, and so forth. The client can utilize the database to effectively scan for the required books. This database can assist a great deal with doing an examination work.


A database is utilized to control the arrangement of records in an association. The record database monitors every monetary exchange. You can without much of a stretch perform diverse counts to discover data about the business, for example, yearly benefit, preliminary adjust, general record, and so forth.


A college has numerous understudies in various classes. A database can be utilized to store understudy records, toll exchanges, exam data and other data about the college. You can likewise store understudy help with the database.

Parts of the database framework

  • The four principal segments of the database framework are the accompanying:

1. Information:

Information is the most essential segment of the database framework. The information is an arrangement of reading information in the database. The essential motivation behind a database framework is to store, keep up and process information for the client.

2. Equipment:

  • The physical parts of a PC framework are called equipment. The equipment is utilized to perform distinctive errands, for example, input, yield, stockpiling and handling.

Some vital equipment segments are the accompanying:

  • Optional capacity
  • I/O gadgets
  • Processors
  • Main memory

3. Programming:

The product is a gathering of projects utilized by the PC inside a database framework. The product to empower the most imperative programming in the database is a similar DBMS. It utilizes three sorts of work framework accurately. The distinctive kinds of programming utilized as a part of a database framework are the accompanying:


  • Deal with all the equipment segments. It additionally enables every single other program to keep running on the PC.
  • DBMS Software This is the database administration framework used to make and deal with a database framework.
  • Application programs They are utilized to access and process the information put away in the database.

4. Staff:

Individuals identified with the database framework are called an individual. The diverse sorts of individuals in a database framework are the accompanying:

Database manager:

  • A database manager is a man who is in charge of dealing with the whole arrangement of the database.

Application software engineer:

  • An application program is a man who composes the application projects of the end clients to get to the information in the database.

The end clients:

  • The end clients are the general population who utilize prog

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