Computer Science Software Engineering Information Technology

Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology” Computing could be a dynamic and quick increasing field. consequentlyit’s very important for its curricula to keep up the currency with the most recent developments within the filed.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) is investment substantial effort in rising and promoting education within the domain of curricula development and analysis.

Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology

The following committees were recognized by HEC involving the individual knowledgeable
faculty members each from public and personal sectors throughout the country.

  • National course of study Revision Committee-Computer Science (2009)-NCRC-CS
  • National course of study Revision Committee-Software Engineering (2009)-NCRCSE
  • National course of study Revision Committee-Information Technology (2009)-CIRCUIT
  • Joint National course of study Revision Committee (Computer Science, Software)
  • Engineering and knowledge Technology)-2009-JNCRC-CSSEIT

Computing Curricula Development an Ongoing Activity:-

All committees control their preliminary conferences (except JNCRC) to determine the respective 1st draft of the course of study.

The reports delivered by theses committees were sent to the specialists of international repute abroad for his or her analysis and recommendations. Moreover, constant were additionally submitted to the assorted respective departments of universities for his or her review and feedback.

Consequently, final conferences were controlled to finalize the recommendations in their individual domains. All 3 committees developed a final report concerning the look, structure, and course details of SB, MS, and Ph.D. programs.

All 3 committees (NCRC-CS, NCRC-SE, and NCRC-IT) worked severally in their several domains through in-depth interaction and accord of national and international consultants within the field.

It’s necessary to say here that varied delegates from international package trade as well as Microsoft and Oracle conjointly participated in our conferences.

Subsequently, the subsequent committee was recognized to develop a model to unify all the curricula and make general structures to keep up the consistency of sure level altogether the degree programs.

Computer Science, Software And Engineering:-

A two-day meeting of the Joint National course of study Revision Committee (Computer Science, software package Engineering and knowledge Technology)-2009 was endured June 12-13, 2009 at the pedagogy Commission, Islamabad.

All senior college members and specialists within the domains of engineeringsoftware package Engineering and Information Technology from each public and personal sector establishments were invited nationwide to participate within the meeting

Students from Session 2014 Software Engineering Department visited Ciklum as part of the Industrial Tour program. Different presentations were presented by developers and managers of Ciklum about the state-of-art in Software Engineering, recruitment, and life as a developer. It was followed by informal networking sessions with employees of Ciklum.

Structure of BS Programs


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