Computer Security And Cyber Crime Computer Criminals

Computer Security And Cyber Crime Computer Criminals” Computer security is used to protect computer system and its resources such as software hardware and data. It protects a computer from damage or unauthorized access. Different methods are used to ensure the security of a computer system.

Computer is used in every field of life nowadays. It may be used to store the personal information of a user or critical data of an organization. It is very important to maintain the security of the computer system so that the data stored on it may not be accessed by any unauthorized person.

Computer Security And Cyber Crime Computer Criminals

Computer Security


Computer Security And Cyber Crime Computer Criminals” There are many risks and threats to computer security. Computer security threat can by a computer program, an event or a person that violates computer security. It may cause loss of data and stealing of information.

It may also affect the working of computer. Computer security is very important to  project the computer security from all of these threats.

The most important objectives of computer security are as follows.

  1. It makes sure that a computer or network is not used without permission.
  2. It makes sure that the hardware is not damaged or stolen.
  3. It makes sure that confidential information is not used without permission.
  4. It makes sure that the system works without any problem.

Disaster of security Violation:

An organization may problem due to security violation, Some important problems are as follows.

Loss of Hardware:-

Security violation may cause loss of hardware in organization, for example an unauthorized user may steal an equipment etc.

Loss of processing Ability:-

The system may lose processing ability when installation of the system is returned to former state after any security violation an organization may face severe loss if processing ability is suspended. For example, a band can lose zzthe business if the system stops processing.

Loss of Software:-

A security violation may cause loss of software. The system may not work properly if the software files are damaged or deleted.

Loss of Data:-

Loss of data is one of the most important problems caused security violation. An organization cannot work properly important data is lost. The lost data is very difficult to collect again for big organizations.


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