Cyber Crime Computer Criminals Method Used by Computer Criminals

Cyber Crime Computer Criminals” A cyber crime is a criminal activity carried out by means of computer and the internet. In some cyber crime, the computer is used to commit the crime such as accessing bank account of a person. In other cases,

The computer can be the target of cyber crime such as unauthorized access to the computer to spread viruses on it. the person who commit computer crime are known as computer criminal or cyber criminal.

Cyber Crime Computer Criminals Method Used by Computer Criminals

Cyber Crime Computer Criminals

Different types of computer criminals are as follows:


A person who accesses a computer, network and its resources illegally is known as hacker.


A cracker is a person who assesses a computer or network illegally for some negative purpose. He can destroy data or steal information etc. the crackers have advanced computer are network skills. Some crackers cracks the copyright software and redistribute it without the permission of the original owner.

Script Kiddie:

A person who attempts to access a computer network illegally without technical knowledge is known as script kiddie. The script kiddies often use hacking or cracking software to access computers.

Corporate spy:

A person who is hired to break into a computer is called corporate spy. They have excellent and network skills. Some organization hire them to indent security risk in the organization etc.

Unethical Employee:

The unethical employee may access the computer for different reason. Some may get financing by selling confidential information. Some unhappy employee may do this to get revenge etc.

Cyber Extortionist:

A person who uses email as tool for extortion is known as cyber extortionist. Such person send email to a company with a threat. They tell company to pay money otherwise they will expose confidential information of company etc.

Cyber Terrorist:

A person who uses the internet to destroy or damage computers for political reason is known as cyber terrorist. For example, cyber terrorist may destroy air traffic control system, electricity-generating system or telecommunication system of a country etc.

Method Used by Computer Criminals:-

The following method are used by computer criminals.


It is a program that triggers under certain condition. It is usually activated at a certain date. It may be planted in commercial software like shareware software.

Data Diddling:

It is a process of changing data before or as it enters the system. The auditors must verify the accuracy of the source data and the process that occurs.

Denial of Service:

It slows down a computer system or network. It flood a computer or network with request for information or data. The server under attack receives so many request for information or data. The serves under attack receives so many request that it cannot respond to legitimate users.


It is a process of entering the system by riding on the back of an authorized user. It occurs when an authorized user does not log off the system properly. An illegal a small amount of money illegally from a large financial system.

Salami Technique:

It is a process of getting a small amount of money illegally from a large financial system.


It is a process of searching company trash cans to find useful information. The thieves search garbage and recycling bins of individuals to find bank account numbers and credit card numbers etc.

Trap Door:

It is an illegitimate program that is left within a completed legitimate program. It allows subsequent entry by unauthorized user to9 change the program.

Trojan Horse:

It is a program that hides itself within a useful program it executes illegal, destructive instruction in the middle of a program such as computer game. Format C is an example of a Trojan horse.


The zapping software is designed to bypass all security systems.

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