Features of Printer & Resolution Prating Operating System Information

A printer is an output device that prints characters, symbols and graphics on paper. The printed output is called hard copy. Print resolution is commonly measured in dots per inch (dpi).

The printer must be user friendly. It means that it should easy to use and understand. The user should be able to use it easily.

The printer must be reliable. It should not break down often. It should also print smoothly without jamming the papers etc.

Features of Printer & Resolution Prating Operating System Information

Resolution Prating

Printer Resolution

The quality or sharpness of printed images and text depends on printer’s resolution. It is measured by the number of dots printed per linear abbreviated as dots per inch (dpi). A printer with higher DPI produces better output.

Print Speed

Speed is an important characteristic of printer. Printer speed is measured by pages per quickly. Color printouts typically take longer than black and white printouts. The pages with text are printed quickly than the pages that contain graphics. Typical speeds for personal computer printers range between 6 and 35 pages of text per minute.

Duty Cycle

Duty Cycle determines how many pages a printer can produce. It is usually measured in pages per month. For example, a personal laser printer has a duty cycle of about 3, 000 pages per month. It means roughly 100 pages per day.

Operating Costs

The operating costs of a printer is very important. For example, ink jet printers require frequent replacements or refills for relatively expensive ink cartridges. Laser printers require important to determine the operating cost of a printer before buying it.

Duplex capability

A duplex printer can print on both sides of the paper. This option saves paper but can slow down the printing process in some printer. The ink jet printer pause to let the ink before printing the second side.


A computer sends data and instructions for a printout to the printer. Printer command Language (PCL) and Post script languages are widely used for the communication between computers and printer. The data and instructions are are stored in printer memory. Most laser printer allow to add more memory.

Network Enabled

A networks-enable printer can connect directly to a computer network instead of a single computer. the networks can be wired or wireless. The advantage of a network printer is that it can be used by all the network users. These printer are essential for printing from handheld devices that cannot be connected to a printer by cable.

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