Features of Word Processing Software Information

Features of Word Processing Software Information Highlights of the word processing software Some important highlights of the word processing software are the following in the following word processing software.

Features of Word Processing Software

Features of Word Processing Software

Word wrap:

The word processor naturally moves to the next line when the customer’s line is loaded with content. Alter the content if the edges are changed.


Word processing software provides a wide variety of design offices. The client can change the shading, the shading of the bases, the size and style of the content. The organization can connect to characters, passages or entire pages.


The word processing software gives the printing office. The client can print reports to obtain a printed copy. The client can print the complete report or any page scope.

Find and replace:

Find is used to locate a specific character, word or expression in the file. Replace highlighting is used to locate a specific character, word or expression in the file and supplant it with another.spelling and


Spelling and grammar highlights are used to identify and revise spelling and linguistic confusions in reports.


The word processing software naturally corrects numerous incorrectly spelled words and uppercase and lowercase errors with the current element AutoCorrect.


This element gives the words equivalent to a word in the record. A word with a similar meaning is known as an equivalent word.


The word processing software provides the office of tables to organize the data. The table is an accumulation of lines and segments. The client can undoubtedly include lines and sections of a table without irritating data.


Word processing software allows you to separate the page as segments. The client can use any number of sections in the file. A page with sections looks like the contents of a newspaper or magazine.

Header and footer:

Word processing software gives the office to insert headers d and footers in a report. The header is the one that appears at the highest point of each page message that appears at the base of each page. Page numbers are the ordinary use in the names of the organizations or the dates are headers and footers.

Automatic text:

The word processing software gave the item to store the message of all times to use more than once in the files.

Format :

A design is a pre-ordered file that is filled in as a model to create new records. It is used to make competent letters, notices, and reports effectively.

Unification of mail:

Mail consolidate is a procedure to join a framed letter with the contents of the database. Usually, it’s a name and a list of addresses. Consolidated mail includes making it simple to send the same letter to a summary of different people with the correct name and address printed on each letter.

Speech recognition:

Some more recent word processing programs grant voice recognition to the office. The client speaks through the mouthpiece and the words are composed in the register. You can also perceive different calls.

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