Function Generator and Signal Generator Mobile Re pairings

Function Generator and Signal Generator” A signal or function generator is used to produce periodic signals of the frequency, amplitude, and waveform needed for input to the device under test. this device produces sine, square, and triangle waves plus a few others that you will not need for this experiment. the frequency range varies from less than 1 Hz to many MHz although the frequency of the function generator can be set by dial position and appropriate multiplier.

Function Generator and Signal Generator You will use this generator to provide an AC signal to your circuits and the oscilloscope. this will enable you to study different wave forms and to get an understanding of some basic AC signals. there are several function generators available in the laboratory. Some of them have a synchronous plus or square wave output useful for triggering purpose and a voltage applying a controlled oscillator VCO which allows one to vary the frequency by applying a controlled voltage to a connector on the instrument.

Function Generator and Signal Generator Mobile Re pairings

Function Generator and Signal Generator123


The oscilloscope is the most important instrument available to the practicing technician or engineer. It permits the visual display of a voltage signal. In addition to the display of a signal. It can also be used to measure the average value, rams value, frequency and period of a sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal signal.

The screen is divided into centimeter division in the vertical and horizontal directions. The vertical sensitivity is provided in volt while the horizontal scale is provided in t time. If a particular signal occupies 6 vertical division and the very tail sensitivity is 5mV/dice., the magnitude of the signal can be determined from the following equation:

Amplitude of signal voltage= voltage sensitivity (V/div) * deflection (div) Vs. = (5mV/div) (8 div) = 30mV If one cycle of the same signal occupies 8 division on the horizontal scale with a horizontal sensitivity of 5s/div., the period and the frequency of the signal can be determined using the following equations. Period of single voltage = horizontal sensitivity (Time/div) * deflation (div). f = 1/T = (5us/div) (8 div) =40 us and.

Using an Oscilloscope:-

The instructor will provide a brief description of the various sections of the oscilloscope and function generator. In your own words, describe the function and use of each of the following control or section of the oscilloscope.

  • Focus of voltage trace: it focus the beam on the screen.
  • Intensity of voltage trace: Adjust the brightness of the beam on the screen.
  • Vertical and horizontal position control: Allows the moving of the trace in either screen direction.
  • Vertical sensitivity: select volt/divisions on y-axis.
  • Horizontal sensitivity: Unit of time/divisions on x- axis.
  • Vertical mode selection: selects between CH1, CH2, and Dual and add modes.
  • AC-GND-DC switch: Allows far AC or DC coupling of signal to scope and at GND position, establish ground reference of screen.
  • Beam finder: Locates the trace if it is off screen.
  • Calibrate switches: Provide for the adjustment of scope from external reference source.
  • Internal sync: in this position, a part of the input signal is applied from the vertical amplifier to the trigger circuit to cause the trigger signal synchronously with the input signal to drive the sweep circuit.
  • Trigger section: determines mode of triggering of the sweep voltage.
  • External trigger input: in this position, the signal which is connected to EXT TRIG input becomes the triggering signal.
  • Input resistance and capacitance: the input impedance of many scopes consists of the parallel combination of a 1 mΩ resistance and a 30 pF capacitor.
  • Probe: Measuring devices which reduces loading of scope on a circuit and effectively increases input impedance of scope by a factor of 10.

Function Generator and Signal Generator:

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