Handheld Computers Portable Media E-Book Reader

Handheld Computers Portable Media E-Book Reader Handheld computers: A handheld computer is a small, lightweight computer that fits easily in your hand. Many handheld computers communicate wirelessly with other devices or computers. Some have small keyboards and others have a touch screen and also include a pencil for the input.

Handheld Computers Portable


Mobile employees use many handheld computers, such as package delivery or warehouse employees, to perform inventories and control supplies, etc. A laptop is not very powerful and cannot perform many tasks that can be done with desktop computers and laptops.

2. Portable media:

Player A portable media player is a mobile device designed to store, organize and play digital media. Digital media includes music, photos, and videos. These devices offer a camera, Internet access and a variety of applications.

Some models of portable media players have a touchscreen or a touchpad. A touch-sensitive pad contains buttons and wheels for use with the thumb or finger. It can be used to scroll, play music, view photos, watch videos and adjust volume, etc. Portable media players usually include a set of small headphones that rest within each ear canal. iPod Touch is an example of portable media player Earbuds Portable Media Player.

3. E-book reader:

An electronic book reader is designed to read books, magazines and other digital publications. It is also called an e-reader. An electronic version of a printed book readable in an electronic book is computers and other mobile devices. The electronic reading device can contain thousands of electronic books.

Most electronic readers have a touch screen and have the built-in wireless technology to connect to the Internet. An on-screen keyboard can be used to browse, search and highlight content. The user can browse an electronic bookstore and download new electronic books in seconds through the wireless connection.

Some electronic readers use electronic ink technology. It makes the screens easy to read and extends battery life for up to two months. The reader can feel the experience of reading a printed book. The screen can be easily read even in bright sunlight. Some electronic readers have LCD screens similar to laptops and tablets.

LCD screens can display colors and are used to view magazines and books with colorful photos. However, it is more difficult to read the contents in bright sunlight.


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