History of Computer & Computer founder and its Complete iInformation

History of Computer” Computer was invented because necessity is the mother of invention Man always searched for a fast calculation device. It took a long to invented the digital computer. A brief history behind the invention of computer is as follows.

 Computer founder and its complete information

Complete iInformation


Abacus was the first computing device. It was developed 5000 years ago. It was used to perform simple addition and subtraction. Abacus was a wooden rack. It contained horizontal wires with beads strung on them. The beads could move easily. All simply arithmetic calculation were performed by moving these beads according to programming rules.

John Napier’s Bone

John Napier Bone was a Scottish mathematician. He created logarithm table to facilitate calculation. He also created a device known as Napier’s Bone. The device used rod to perform arithmetic calculation. It was designed in the early 17th century. The device was widely used by accountants and bookkeepers. The concept of logarithm was used to develop slide rule. The modern slide rule could be used to perform arithmetic calculation. It was also used to calculate squares, squares root, logs sine and cosine etc.                    

Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician. He invented a mechanical adding machine in 1642 known as Pascaline Calculator. The machine contained different metal wheels. Each wheel displayed the digit 0 to 9. It could only add and subtract numbers. Division multiplication were performed by repeated addition and subtraction. It was not a commercial success because it could not provide sufficient precision for practical use.

Von Leibnitz

Von Leibnitz was German scientist. He developed a calculating machine in 1694. It was the first calculator that could add, subtract, multiply and divide. It was more reliable and accurate than Pascal’s calculator.

Jacquard’s Loom

Jacquard’s Marie form France invented a machine Jacquard’s Loom in 1801. The machine could read punched cards to design a pattern automatically. It was used in textile manufacturing. The invention of this machine helped in making programmable machine like computer.

Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage was an English mathematics. He was known as father of computer. He designed an automatic mechanical calculating machine in 1822 known as Difference Engine. The machine worked by steam power and was fully automatic. The machine could calculate the table of numbers.

Herman Hollerith

An American Herman Hollerith developed first elector mechanical punched card tabulator in 1890. The tabulator could read information punched into cards. The solutions of different problems could be stored on different stacks of cards. It was used in American census in 1890.


Atanasoff was a professor at Lowe University. He invented an electronic computer. He applied Boolean algebra to computer circuitry.

George Boole

George Boole simplified binary system of algebra. His rule states that mathematical equation can be stated simply as either true or false, History of Computer & Computer founder and its Complete iInformation


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