Information technology touches our lives every day in a personal way. Many interesting and practical uses of IT have recently surfaced to make our lives richer and more entertaining. In the following chapters, you will find these
applications presented in detail

Instant Messaging Do you enjoy chatting with your friends? Have you ever worked on a group project and had problems getting everyone together for a meeting? Perhaps instant messaging is just what you’re looking for.

Digital Photography Want to edit your photos on your computer? Would you like to share your photos with family and friends over the Web? Digital photography makes it easy to do.


Web-based Applications Would you like access to free general-purpose applications from anywhere in the world? Would you like to be able to access your data files from almost any computer? You can have it all with Web-based applications.

Internet Telephony Would you like to make long-distance calls at little or no cost? You can use your computer to make long-distance calls to almost any telephone in the world. All you need is the right software and an Internet connection to get started.

Personal Web Site Do you have anything to share with the world? Would you like to create a personal Web without having to learn any special Web publishing programs? Would you like to put your personal Web site on the Web without having to pay for server time? Many services are available to get you started for FREE!

Music from the Internet Did you know that you can use the Internet to locate music, download it to your computer, and create your own compact discs? All it takes is the right software, hardware, and a connection to the Internet.

Virus Protection Has your computer ever been attacked by a computer virus? If not, chances are that it will be in the near future. Fortunately, special software is available to protect you against computer viruses . . . some of the software is even free!

Home Networking Computer networks are not just for corporations and schools anymore. If you have more than one computer, you can use a wireless home network to share files and printers, to allow multiple users access to the
Internet at the same time, and to play interactive computer games.

TV Tuner Cards and Video Clips Want to watch your favorite television program while you work? Perhaps you would like to include a video clip from a television program or from a VHS tape in a class presentation. It’s easy using a TV tuner card.

Spyware Are you concerned about maintaining your privacy while you are surfing the Web? Did you know that programs known as spyware could be monitoring your every move? Fortunately, these programs are relatively easy
to detect and remove.

Job Opportunities Did you know that you can use the Internet to find a job? You can browse through job openings, post your resume, and even use special programs that will search for the job that’s just right for you.


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