IT Professionals Computer Programmer Website Designer

IT Professionals Computer Programmer Website Designer” A person who has adopted the field information technology as a profession is called IT professional IT professionals are responsible for acquiring, developing maintaining or operating hardware and software associated with computers and communication networks.

IT Professionals Computer Programmer Website Designer



Types of IT Professional

Different types of IT professionals are as follows.

System Analyst

A systems analyst investigates the requirements of an organization, its employees and its customers in order to plan and implement new or improved computer services. This job requires the ability to identify problems and find technical solutions.

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer designs codes and tests computer programs. In addition, the programmer also modifies existing programs to meet new requirements or eliminate bugs.

Website Designer

A security specialist analyzes computer systems vulnerability to threats from viruses, worms, unauthorized access, and physical damage, security specialist installs and configures firewalls and antivirus software. He also works with management and employees to develop policies and procedures to protect computer equipment and data.

Database administrator

Is a person who develops, install and maintain the database. He analyzes and determines the most effective way to collect and store data. He is also responsible for the security, backup, and restoration of databases. He provides access to authorized users and supervises the use of databases.

Network Administrator

Network Administrator is a person who plans, installs maintain computer the problems in the network. He also provides network accounts and access rights to the users, He troubleshoots the problems in the network. He may be responsible for maintaining the security of a network.

Computer Operator

A computer operator works with system software for network servers, mainframes, and supercomputers. Computer operator monitors computer performance, installs software patches and upgrades, performs backups and restores data as necessary.

Technical Support Specialist

A Technical Support Specialist troubleshoots hardware and software problems. Good interpersonal skills and patience are required for this job.

Website Designer

A website designer creates, tests, posts and modifies web pages. A good sense of design and art are required for this job as well as an understanding of graphical user interfaces.

Technical Writer

A Technical Writer creates documentation for large programming projects and writes the online or printed user manuals for computers, peripheral devices, and software. Some technical writers work for computer magazines to write columns about the latest hardware products, software, and business solutions.

Quality Assurance Specialist

A Quality Assurance Specialist participates in alpha and beta test cycles of software to find bugs and usability problems. It requires the good eye for detail and passion for perfection.

Computer Engineer

A Computer Engineer designs and tests new hardware products such as computer chips, circuit boards, computers, and peripheral devices.

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