MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT AND CELL PHONE TIMELINE” A mobile device is a computing device designed to hold in the hand. Mobile devices typically have small screens and some of them have keyboards. Mobile devices usually have no disk drives.

The programs and data are permanently stored on a special memory or on a small storage media such as a small card. Mobile devices can be connected to a large network to exchange data.


Mobile devices:-

Are almost always powered by a rechargeable battery system. It has built-in wireless connectivity for internet access. Popular types of mobile devices are smartphones, handheld computer, Portable media players and e-book.

Smart Phone:-

A smartphone is a cell phone that includes many features of the computer and can run general-purpose computing applications. Many smartphones have touch screens to input data using a fingertip or a stylus. Some have a built-in mini keyboard. iPhone is an example of a smartphone.

Some features of smartphones are as follows:-

  • Internet access
  • Make and answer phone calls
  • Send text messages, picture messages, and video messages
  • Personal information management such as calendar, address book, and calculator, etc.
  • Send and receive email messages
  • Communicate wirelessly with other devices or computers
  • Built-in camera to share images or video with other
  • Conduct live video calls
  • Play and organize music
  • Voice recording
  • GPS services
  • Computing power to programs like word processors etc.

Handheld Computers:-

A handheld computer is a small, lightweight computer that easily fits in the hand. Many handheld computers communicate wirelessly with other devices or computers.

Some have a touch screen and also include a stylus for input. Many handheld computers are used by mobile employees to take inventory and cheek supplies etc.

Portable Media Player:-

A is a mobile device designed to store, organize and play digital media. Digital media include music, photos and videos.

These devices offer a camera, access to the internet and a variety of applications. Some portable media player models have a touch screen or a touch-sensitive pad.

A touch-sensitive pad contains buttons and wheels to be used with a thumb or finger. It can be used to scroll, play music, view photos, watch videos and adjust volume, etc.

Portable media player:-

usually include a set of earbuds that are small speakers that rest inside each ear canal.

iPod Touch:-

is an example of a portable media player.

E-Book Reader:-

The e-book reader is designed for reading books, magazines, and other digital publications. It is also called e-reader. An e-book is an electronic version of a printed book readable on computers and other mobile devices. E-reader devices can hold thousands of e-books.

Most e-readers have a touch screen and have built-in wireless technology to connect to the internet. An on-screen keyboard can be used to navigate, search, and highlight the contents.

The user can browse an electronic bookstore and download new eBooks in seconds via the wireless connection.

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