Mobile Operating Systems and Different Features

Mobile Operating Systems and Different Features An operating system used in handheld computers and the different functions of the operating system. It provides wireless connectivity of graphical user interface, email support with the touchscreen, navigation systems, voice recognition, Android system, iOS and web browsers, etc. Some examples of mobile devices with Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Firefox OS.

Mobile operating systems

1. Android:

It is an open source Lin-based operating system for smartphones and tablets. Android is a mobile operating system designed by Google. Different manufacturers produce devices that run the Android operating system. Android supports multi-touch and language capabilities. There are millions of applications available for Android through Google photos, allows mobile users to use Google Drive to store and access email, with calendars and finger files online. It recognizes fingerprints and the user can unlock the device by scanning for better security.

2. iOS:

It is designed for Apple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It supports multitouch input and multitasking. It is developed by Apple and is based on Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. There are millions of applications available for iOS through the Apple Store. Includes the Safari web browser and applications for email, messages, music, search and video calls. It also includes a Notification Center to view all notifications in one location. It also provides the Find My iPhone application to remotely locate, lock or erase a lost or stolen device.

3. Windows Phone:

It runs on some smartphones. Windows Phone is a patented mobile operating system developed by Microsoft. Some important features of Windows Provides a mosaic-based home screen interface to display real-time information about missed calls, unread messages and social network updates, etc. It also provides mobile versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Provides OneDrive access to save documents, photos, music and videos. Allows the user to use the mobile as a remote control for the television. Windows Phone Store provides access to additional applications and software.

4. BlackBerry:

BlackBerry devices provide the ability to manage schedules, contacts. They also provide the functions of telephone, sending mail messages, text messages and web browsing, etc. BlackBerry is a proprietary operating system that runs on portable devices developed by Research In Motion (RIM). Some BlackBerry devices use e-images, play music, and access maps. Many BlackBerry devices include a mini keyboard and touch screens.

5. Firefox OS:

Firefox Os is an open source operating system based on Linux. It runs on smartphones and tablets developed by Mozilla.

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