NET Idea Advantages Of Net Framework IT Series Programmings

NET Idea Advantages Of Net Framework IT Series Programmings “ The .NET Idea The idea of .NET is aimed at integrating various programming languages and services. It is designed to make significant improvements in code reuse, resource management, multi- language development, security, deployment and administration.

The .NET offers a complete suite for developing and deploying applications. 2.2 The .NET Framework The .NET Framework is an environment for designing, developing and deploying the .NET applications.

NET Idea Advantages Of Net Framework

IT Series Programmings

It is the core of .NET infrastructure and exists as a layer between the .NET applications and the underlying operating system. It provides many services that are used by NET languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C# and Visual F# to run on different operating systems and hardware platforms.

2.2.1 Advantages .NET Framework

Some advantages of the .NET Framework are as follows:

1. Consistent Programming Model:-

The base classes of the .NET class library provide standard functionality such as input/output, string manipulation, user interface design and security management etc.

ADO.NET classes are used to access, display and update data stored in a database. The ASP.NET classes support the development of Web-based applications and Web services. The Windows forms classes support the development of desktop-based applications.

The .NET, class library provides a common functionality to all .NET languages. It results in a consistent object model regardless of the programming language used by the developer.

2. Language Interoperability:-

The .NET Framework provides a high level of language interoperability. The software components written in different .NET languages such as C# and Visual Basic are all compiled into MSIL. These components can be combined to create a single unified program. MSIL allows the .NET Framework to be language independent.

The .NET developer can code one module of an application in one language and the other module of the same application in another language.

This language interoperability can help in code reuse and improvę the efficiency of the development process.

3. Ease of Application Deployment:-

The .NET Framework manages the details of locating and loading the components required by an application.

It also ensures that all the components on which the application depends are available on the computer before the application begins to run.

4. Improved Security:-

The .NET Framework provides several mechanisms for protecting resources ànd code from unauthorized users:

  • Code Access Security (CAS) uses permissions to control the code from accessing the protected resources and operations.
  • Role-based security permissions. ovides information needed to make decisions about user

5. Support for Web Services:-

The NET technology provides support for web services. Web services provide facilities that allow different applications from different sources to communicate with each other.

6. Dynamic Web Content Dynamic Web content is easier to create with .NET. The ASP.NET 4.5 includes various features to easily develop Web applications having a consistent layout and appearance.

2.2.2 Main Components of .NET Framework:-

The .NET Framework is divided into two main components called .NET Framework Class Library and Common Language Runtime (CLR).

OPRATING SYSTEMS .NET Framework Class Library (FCL)

The .NET Framework Class Library contains pre-defined code called classes. The classes provide many functions to develop applications for desktop computer, mobile devices and the Web.

The classes in the class library can be used in the code to accomplish common programming tasks such as string handling, data collection, database connectivity and file access etc.

These classes can be used with any .NET language such as Visual Basic. An important feature of .NET Framework class library is that it can be used in ‘a consistent manner across multiple languages.

It means that the same set of classes can be used to perform a specific task in Visual Basic as well as in Visual C++. The .NET Framework class library comprises namespaces that are contained within assemblies.

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