PUBLISHING AND DESIGN TOOLS STEPS TO GOOD DESIGN” abound in Office 2000. Whether you’re producing a simple flyer or a full-fledged marketing campaign, everything you need is at your fingertips. Pick a design, and you can carry that design through your print publications to your on-screen presentations to a comprehensive Web site.

The trick is in knowing how to make the most of the incredible Parray of tools at your disposal. In this chapter, we’ll explore the elements of good design, how to choose the right media to communicate your message, and how to use Office 2000 to distribute your creations If you want to delve deeper into publishing with Office 2000,

Guide you through print and Web publishing with Microsoft Publisher and focus on Web publishing using Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.


Steps to Good Design:-

Once the purview of professional designers and print houses, effective communication in written media has become a part of many people’s job descriptions. An increasing number of companies are relying on their employees to make them look good in all but the most high-end publications, such as magazines and books.

And make no mistake, nothing surpasses the quality of a publication designed by professionals who have training in graphic arts and who possess natural artistic talent. However, even if you consider yourself artistically challenged, you can create attractive publications using Office 2000 and applying a few simple design rules.

It doesn’t matter whether you are designing a print publication or a Web site. The key to good design can be summed up in three essential concepts: simplicity, consistency, and contrast.

Keeping your publications:-

simple helps readers focus on the content rather than the design. That doesn’t mean you can’t create lengthy publications-just keep them uncluttered, allow for plenty of white (open) space, and make sure your readers can easily find the content they need.

Using consistent:-

fonts and design elements such as colors and lines establish a format that readers come to associate with your publication. Office 2000 makes it easy to be consistent by providing design templates that you can use from one type of publication to another. Contrast helps readers identify what is most important by making it stand out from the rest of the publication.

Contrast draws:-

Contrast draws your readers’ eyes to those words and pictures you don’t want them to miss. Once you have their attention, they are more likely to read the rest of what you have to say.


When presented with Office 2000‘s wealth of design tools, it is natural to want to try them all. Trying them is fine; actually using them in your publications should be done judiciously Before you jump right in and start picking out the clip art and fonts you are going preliminary steps that will help you avoid costly redesign as to use, there are some you go along. Spend some time making these decisions up front and you’ll produce a higher-quality publication in less time and with less effort.

Understand Your Audience:-

Although the idea may seem obvious to some, it’s amazing how many publications are produced with little or no consideration given to the audience. Who is the publication intended to reach? Basic considerations such as age, sex, and educational level cannot be overlooked,

And such factors as socioeconomic status, occupation, interests, political persuasion, religion, and the technical sophistication of your readers could all influence the type, style, and content of your publication. If you want to invite people to a social event,

Will they expect a formal invitation in two envelopes or will a flyer hung on the bulletin board by the coffee machine suffice? If you are trying- ing to persuade a board to fund your proposal, can you provide them with a simple three-page document or do you need to wow them with a glitzy electronic presentation where charts and graphs dance across the screen?

Careful consideration of your audience will help you decide what to prepare and what format(s) to use to communicate your message effectively.

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