Q MOBILE E6 BASIC FUNCTION INFO USER GUIDE PART 1″ Using the menus The phone offers a range of functions that allow you to tailor it to your needs. These functions are arranged in menus and submenus which can be accessed by scrolling or using the appropriate shortcut. Accessing a menu function

  1. Press Left the soft key in standby mode.
  2. Press Navigation key to scroll to the desired main menu
  3. Press Left soft key (OK) to enter the submenu.

Exiting a menu function: You can return to the previous menu level by press Right soft key or press End key to return to the standby state.


Basic Functions Making a call:-

When the name of a service provider appears on the display screen, you can dial or receive calls. The info bar at the upper left corner of the display screen shows network signal strength (when there are 5 info bars the signal is at its strongest). The call quality is very likely to be affected by obstructions.

Making domestic calls:-

Enter the phone number, and then press Dial Key to make the call. If the user needs to change a phone number, press right soft key “Clear” back and delete numbers. Dialing animation will be displayed on the screen during dialing. Call state info will be shown on the screen after the called party ends the call You can enter and dial domestic call following the order: (Area code)

Dialing extension number of fixed-line telephone:-

(Phone number) (Dial) Some extension numbers of a fixed-line telephone cannot be connected directly, you must dial the power board phone number, then long-press 0 key, until the screen displays “P”, then the dial extension number. You can dial extension numbers of a fixed-line telephone in the following order: (Area code) (Phone number) P (Extension number) Calling key.

Dialing international calls:-

To make an international call, you may press the key twice, till the screen displays the pre-digit symbol “+” for the international long-distance call, which will enable you to make a call from any country without knowing the local international access code.

You can enter numbers in the following sequence to make an international call: (+) (Country code) (complete phone number) (Dial Key) After inputting prefix number, input the code and the complete phone number of the wanted country. The country code follows the usual practice, such as Germany 49, UK 44, Sweden 46 India 91, etc. Like making an international call, the “O” before city code number should be dropped.

Dialing phone numbers in the Calls:-

Every phone number you have dialed or received will be stored in the list of phone call records. The latest dialed, received and missed numbers will be listed, according to their types, in the respective menu of dialed calls, received calls and missed calls. When call record list is full, the old numbers will automatically be deleted.

To view the list, do the followings: In a standby, state press Send key to view the record for SIM1 and SIM2. All phone numbers in the list can be dialed directly by pressing the Dial key. When the list is displayed, press “OK” to read the details, then “options” to Save or Delete the number.

Call options:-

In call connected state, pressing left soft key “Options” can enter call option, or pressing right soft key “Speaker” to activate speaker, under activated-hands free condition. In the call options, you can make the following operations.

  • Hold: Make the current call hold.
  • End single call: End the current call.
  • Phonebook: Enter Contacts menu.
  • Calls: Enter Calls menu
  • Messaging: Enter the Messaging menu.
  • Sound recorder: To record the current call.
  • Mute: Setting of switches, which disables transmission of a local call when Mute function is on.
  • Volume: Use the Up/Down key to adjust the volume.
  • Conference: Enter multiple party conference call state. By following the prompts, you can have the following functions: receive waiting calls, add them into multiple party call. maintain the multiple-party call, talk privately with one party of the conference while maintaining all other callers, connect one party in the call conference with another party while exiting the multiple-party call oneself, maintain one party of the multiple-party call and end the current call and all other maintained calls.

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