Q MOBILE E6 Q APPS SECURITY SETTINGS USER GUIDE PART 2″ Q Mobile E6 cost in Pakistan is refreshed day by day from the value rundown given by neighborhood shops and vendors however we cannot ensure that the data/cost/E6 Prices on this page is 100% right (Human mistake is conceivable).

Consistently visit your nearby search for definite PDA cost and rate. QMobile E6 value Pakistan. To view the file folders in Memory card storage. In every folder, press left the soft key (Options) and select Open, New folder, Rename and Delete.

Calls No matter a call was incoming or you failed, whether it was answered, it will record in the corresponding list. For every call list, press the OK key to view the details (including Type, Name Number, Call time, Call duration and Times of call), there are other option menus you can choose: View, Call, Send text message, Save to Phonebook, Add to Blacklist, Edit before call and Delete.


Profiles There are 4 profiles for you to select one as current profile. In every profile item, press (OK) to enter Activate, Customize and Reset In Customize, you can choose: Alert type, Ring type, Incoming call, Ringtone volume, Message, Message volume, Keypad, Keystone volume, Power on/off and System alert.

Messaging You can send and receive the text message. If the short message memory is full, a blinking message icon appears on the top of the screen. While entering the Messaging interface, you will see the following menu options: Write a message, Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, Sent messages, Broadcast messages, and SMS settings.

Q apps:-

In the mobile phone provides games, you can enjoy. Before you begin to play, you can set the parameters including the background audio and the volume.


Image viewer, You can view the picture or images through this function. Video player Use this function to play video files. Sound recorder Use this function to record audio files. The phone supports WAV and AMR format. FM radio You can use the application as a traditional FM radio with automatic tuning and saved channels Up and Down key to tune volume.

Audio Player:-

Use this function to play audio files. In the audio player interface, you can press Up and Down key to tune volume. Camcorder Use this function to capture pictures.


You can configure your cellular phone to best suit your usage preferences. Dual SIM settings Set the SIM standby mode, such as Dual SIM open, Only SIM 1 open, Only SIM 2 open. Phone settings This Menu option allows you to set phone parameters such as Time and date, Language, Pref. input method, Display and LCD backlight. Network Settings This feature allows you to set Network selection and GPRS transfer pref.

Security settings:-

PIN lock: The SIM1 card is protected against misuse by the PIN code. SIM1 card lock may be set after you enter the PIN code correctly.

Change PIN: Set a new PIIN code for SIM 1

Change PIN2 code: Set new passwords for SIM1 PIN2.

SIM2 Security: For the detailed information of SIM2 security, please refer to the contents in “SIM1 security.

Phone security Phone lock: When activated, this feature requires you to enter a pre-set password every time you switch on/power on your handset. It protects your phone from unauthorized access.

Change password: Reset a new phone lock.

Private protection: When activated, some menus will be protected by password, such as Message, Phonebook, Call history, File manager, Keypad lock, and the default password is 0000. Auto keypad lock This allows you to set up an automatic keypad lock with delayed timer options of off,5 secs 30secs, 1 min and 5mins.

When your phone is in the idle state for the chosen time period, the keypad will automatically be locked. To unlock the keypad, you can press the left soft key then* key.

Connectivity: Bluetooth You can use BT to transfer data and files by pairing with another device.

Restore factory settings:-

To restore the original device settings. To do this, you need your phone lock code. The default code is 0000. After resetting, the device may take a longer time to power on.

Reset all Access this menu to delete all settings and user data. You will be asked for “Input phone password”, and the default one is 0000. Vibrate You can On/Off the vibrate function through this menu.

Services This menu allows you to access services supplied with your network, such as news, sports weather, etc. Please contact your operator for more information. The sub-menus of this feature depends on the operator and different operators may provide different services which can not be modified. Please contact your operator.


Torch: To turn on/off the torch.

Calculator: The handset is provided with a calculator with basic functions. You can carry out the operation for plus, minus, multiply, and divide by pressing the Number key.

Calendar: Jump to date: Enter a specific date to be located and the cursor will jump to the date quickly

Go to today: Enter the system current time period.

Alarm: You can set five types of alarm clock time if required. Then the alarm icon will be displayed on the idle screen. Scroll to an alarm and select Edit for settings. You can set whether to enable the alarm, the ring time, repeat mode and alert type.

The breath led: Set the breath led On/Off about SMS, Call, and Multimedia.

Input method Entering (ABC ABC or ABC): Press # key to switch input method, in the ” ABC”, ” ABC”, “Persian”, “Urdu” or “Numeric” input mode, you can press a key labeled the desired letters once to enter the first letter on the key twice to enter the second letter on the key, and so on.

Entering Numbers: Such as, In the “123” input mode, press a key labeled the desired number. in the “ABC” or “ABC” input mode, press a numeric key repeatedly until the desired number appears on the screen.

Entering Symbols: lo input any modes, press key to display a symbol list. *

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