SIMPLIFYING THE OFFICE ENVIRONMENT CHAPTER 2″ Simplifying the Office Environment the Office Advisory Council is a group of Microsoft’s corporate customers who participated in design reviews during the development of Office 2000. When this group put together their wish list for Office 2000,

Microsoft found that over 25 percent of the requested features were already included in Office-people simply didn’t know where to look for them. This prompted Microsoft to look for ways to make the product ire to use and its features more accessible.

One result is that you’ll find a personalized interface that adjusts to the way you work. Features you use most often are available on the toolbars and menu bars, and those you use less frequently are hidden east-readily.


Microsoft Office Professional 2000

How to check the buttons:-

From view. You’ll also find it much easier to customize toolbars by checking the buttons you want to see and unchecking those you never use. Shows the buttons available on the Formatting toolbar.

Layout and design are becoming more important aspects of any document you produce. New views in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook make it easy to see your work from different angles and work between views.

Word’s Print Layout:-

Word’s Print Layout and Web Layout views let you see how your documents will look in both forms. PowerPoint’s Tri-Pane view. allows you to see and work with slides, outlines, and pre- sensation notes in one convenient view. In Outlook’s Web view, you can review your schedule, explore a Web page, or preview your e-mail all within one simple interface.

Improving on the Basics:-

Two long-awaited features of Office 2000 may make you wonder how you ever did without them. Collect-and-Paste and Click-and-Type. In an earlier version of Office, we were introduced to the spike,

A well-hidden feature that let you cut multiple items and paste them all together in one place kind of like gathering the kids up and putting them in the car.

Office 2000’s:-

The problem with the spike is that you could not see what was being held there and could only cut items, not copy them. Office 2000′s new Collect- and-Paste toolbar.

Let’s you cut and copy up to 12 items and then paste them individually or as a group. You can Paste toolbar to get a tip telling you what the item is. Point to any item on the Collect and.

The second long-awaited feature:-

Click and Type is designed specifically for Word and works only in Print Layout and Web Layout views. No more moving to the center of a page with hard returns and tabs before you can type on it.

With Click and Type, you click the cursor into place anywhere icily inserts all the necessary hard return and tab codes you need to get to where you on the page and start typing.

Word automat wants to be. Another feature designed to make life easier is Microsoft Office E-Mail. E-mail funk- tonality has been extended in the applications so that you no longer need to send documents as attachments the documents.

E-Mail button on the message:-

including spreadsheets, become the body of the e-mail. All you have to do is click on the E-Mail button on the Standard toolbar, and a message header is added to the document.

Habra Used Ingles? To respond to the growing demands of the global marketplace, Office 2000 includes incredible new features that can automatically detect languages in a document and apply the appropriate proofing tools. Although not every world language is available, Microsoft has amassed an amazing number of dictionaries that can be installed using which

The Microsoft Language Pack:-

Comes with Office 2000. as the Spelling and Grammar tool is checking your document, it switches languages and dictionaries on the fly even synonyms are available in your chosen language from the Office Thesaurus.

For languages with different characters sets and word-breaking rules, such as Japan- see, Office 2000 provides additional formatting tools and custom options. shows some of the options available when the Japanese language is installed.

Microsoft Office Professional 2000 Chapter 1

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