Some Graphics and Multimedia Software Information Applications

Some Graphics and Multimedia Software Information Applications Graphics software and multimedia software Graphics software is used to create, manipulate and print graphics. It is also known as digital imaging software. A graphic can be any image, drawing, sketch, photograph, image or icon that appears on the computer screen.

Graphics and Multimedia Software

Graphics and Multimedia Software 


Some graphics software can be used only with a particular type of graphic, but some allow multiple graphics formats. Software engineers, architects, and graphic artists use graphics and multimedia software to develop complex applications. Graphics and multimedia software.

Some graphics and multimedia software applications are the following:

Desing assisted by computer:

Computer-aided design (CAD) software is a type of desi 3D graphics software for architects and engineers. Engineers use CAD software to create aircraft designs and safety systems. The architects use them to design building structures and plans. CAD software can display an object from different angles Some examples of CAD software are Microsoft Video Professional, AutoDesk AutoCAD, and Chief Architect.

Desktop publishing software:

The desktop publishing software (DTP) provides tools to create professional and high-quality documents, such as textbooks and newsletters, etc. It allows users to use text graphics and colors to create attractive documents. Some popular desktop publishing programs are Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, and Microsoft Publisher.

Word processing software is also used to create documents to publish. The main difference is that the word processing software is based on documents but the DTP software is based on frames. The DTP software creates a page using several frames. Some frames can contain text, while others, graphics, and tables The user can move, resave and overlay frames to create an effective design.

Paint Software:

Paint software is used to create and modify graphic images. It provides a set of pens, brushes and electronic paintings to paint images on the screen. Many professionals, like graphic artists, use it to draw images, figures and graphics mages with different tools. The Paint software is also called illustrator software or dot-graphics editor. MS Paint is a simple and popular painting software included in Windows.

Photo editing software:

The photo editing software is used to modify the existing image. It provides functions to improve the quality of the photos by modifying the contrast and brightness, cutting out unwanted objects and adding special effects such as shadows and brightness, etc. Adobe Photoshop iPhoto and Microsoft Office Picture Manager are examples of photo editing software.

Drawing software:

The drawing software provides a set of lines, shapes, and colors to create d and etc. Some examples of drawing software are CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk SketchBook logos.

Video and audio editing software:

Video editing software Used to modify video clips, For example, it can be used to change the duration of the video clip or add special effects. Audio editing software is used to modify audio clips. It can produce quality audio tracks. Includes filters to improve audio quality.

The filter eliminates distracting background noise and improves audio quality. Audio and video editing software is commonly used by video production studios to edit and improve videos. Some examples of audio and video editing software are Premiere Pro, Audition, and Soundbooth.

The common tasks provided by the video and audio editing software are the following:

  • Divide the video into smaller clips
  • Add still photos
  • Add transitions between clips
  • Add soundtracks
  • Add titles and subtitles
  • Add special effects

Add special effects software:

Multimedia authoring Multimedia authoring software is also called Authorware. It is used to combine text. graphics, audio, video, and animation in an interactive presentation The presentation created with Authorware can be used on the Web or on the computer. It will be used to teach students some examples of multimedia authoring software: Go course and Director.

Web page creation software:

Website authoring software helps us create professional web pages. Web pages can include text, images, video, audio, animation, etc. Some application programs such as M Word and Ms. PowerPoint also provide the possibility to save a document. Some examples of web page creation software are DreamWeaver, FireWorks, and Flash.

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