THE GOALS OF WEB DESIGN WEB DESIGNER OBJECTIVE” The goals of web design To understand how to create well-designed websites, it is worth understanding the fundamentals of design. Good design creates experiences that make people’s lives easier and is also aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some examples: a well-designed store makes it easy for customers to find products they are looking for, or maybe even products they never knew they wanted. Drivers can see well-designed road signs from a distance and the message of the sign can be immediately understood, even at a high rate of speed while driving. A well-designed chair is comfortable to sit in and also f ts in with the style of the room.

In all these cases, the designer took time to plan the outcome using their skill and experience, as well as resources such as materials and available budget. Different disciplines require different design tools. The web designer is often required to organize information, give it meaning, and assemble it in a way that is visually attractive using available tools.

When designing for the web, there are some unique challenges compared to other disciplines arising from the fact that web design is still in its infancy and is evolving rapidly. Even the definition of web design is evolving and difficult to define. Originally, web design meant designing pages for a web browser.

While this is still true, you now need to consider the rapidly evolving nature of mobile devices, tablets, smartphones, and consumer electronics that access the web. Some people make the distinction between mobile design and web design, but this distinction is evaporating as mobile devices are evolving.

For many web professionals, this rapid evolution of the medium is part of what makes it such an exciting field.

The difference between print design and web design:-

Print involves seeing; the web involves doing. Books, magazines, posters, newspapers, brochures, and advertisements all contain information, usually text, and images, whose intent is to deliver some sort of message or content to a reader.

More importantly, designers often try to build a call to action into their work that makes a customer believe there is some action they should be taken as a result of the design.

The web demands user interaction:-

The experience of a website is defined by the interaction the user has with it. For example, a user clicks on navigation or scrolls down to read a page.

Even the act of reading a book can be defined as user interaction. In the Western world, people read from left to right down a page, they turn pages and scan page numbers and tables of contents in order to find a certain chapter or topic.

Coming back to the web, you don’t just have readers — you have users. Think of the verbs that describe what you do online: you search websites, watch the weather report, transfer money between accounts, book airline fl rights, and do many other things.

The designer needs to think in these terms when designing pages, anticipating the user’s motivation for coming to the site.

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