Using Hewlett Packard Laser Jet Printers Problem and Solution

Using Hewlett Packard Laser Jet Printers” Problem: I am using an HP Laser Jet Printer and have had trouble printing a graph in land scape orientation.

Solution: If you try to print a graph with the laser jet set to land scape orientation (sideways printing) you will either get a blank page or a printout of indecipherable characters.

The printer will be set for landscape orientation if the previous document was printed that way or, on the series II, if you used the control panel to specify a font in landscape orientation. You need to reset the printer to portrait orientation. To Do so, press the Hold to reset key on the laser jet plus, Press the inter/reset menu key on the series II, or turn the printer off and then back on. If you were using a soft font, be aware that turning off the printer removes the font from memory. If you want to change the orientation of the graph you can do so by changing its rotation with settings image size manual rotation.

Using Hewlett Packard Laser Jet Printers Problem and SolutionSolving Print Graph Problems and Solution 2

Problem: I cannot print a full page graph on my HP Laser Jet Printer.


If you have more than 512kb of internal printer memory you may have some soft fonts loaded from another application. Reset the printer to clear out the soft fonts.

if you only have 512kb of internal printer memory, you cannot print a full page high density (300 dots per inch (dpi) graph on a laser jet printer. You must either purchase additional printer memory or decrease the size or resolution of the graph. To select a laser jet printer.

A Laser jet plus printer, and a laser jet II printer, see change selected equipment in the install program. For more information, the laser jet driver allows you to print graphs at 75dpoi, while the laser jet plus driver allows you to print graphs at either low density (100 dpi) or high density (300 dpi).

If you specify both in the install program, you can then choose from three graphic densities when you use print graph, select settings hardware printer and the three options will appear for you to choose from.

Problem: I am having trouble printing two half size graphs on the same page with my HP Laser jet printer.


Laser jet Printers cannot print in the bottom half inch of the page, so define the following settings with settings image size half for your half size graphs. top equal to ..395, Left equal to 1.102, Height equal to 4.191, and width equal to 5.805.

Viewing Graphs:

Problem: I saved a graph in 1.2.3 and printed it with print graph, but then was unable to view the graph again when I returned to 1.2.3.


When you save a graph in 1.2.3 with/graph save, you save it in a graph file (PIC) that only print graph or wysiwyg can use. You cannot view or modify this file in 1.2.3 you can view a graph in print graph by using image select to highlight a graph and pressing F10 (Graph).

You cannot, however make any changes to the graph in print graph. To view the graph with wysiwyg, select graph view PIC and specify the name of the graph file.

If you create a graph in 1.2.3 that you want to use in future 1,2,3 sessions, you must name the graph with graph name create.  This command creates a named graph by assigning a name to whatever graph settings exist when you use the command.

After naming a graph, you must also use / File save to save named graphs with the worksheet, if you do not complete these steps the settings for the graph are lost when you end the 1,2,3 session.

When you are ready to work with a particular graph In 1,2,3, you can use /graph name use to select the named graph you want to work with. You will be able to view the graph, change its setting and so on.

Changing Hardware Settings:

Problem: When I try to select a printer with settings hardware printer, I get a message that says there is no graphics printer in the driver set.


You did not select a graphics printer in the install program. To select a graphics printer, see change selected equipment in the install program. For more information. Solving Print Graph Problems and Solution Step By Step


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