WEBSITES MADE EASY-EASY BUILD WEBSITE-WORD PRESS” This book is about bringing sanity to the world of advanced Website construction. Now that the dot-com mania is over, it’s time to simplify your outlook on building advanced Web sites. It’s no longer acceptable to employ 10 or 20 people to build a business Web site. During the dot-com days money flowed from well-financed venture capitalists like water down the Nile.

But those days are toast:-

Today’s, advanced Web development has the same goals, but this time it’s not rich dot-coms knocking on the door. Millions of small businesses and fiscally responsible corporations are running the show.



Making advanced Web development straightforward for the legions of people wanting advanced
Web sites are what Advanced Web Sites Made Easy is all about. Large development staffs are over.
Whether you’re a graphics designer, business owner, computer consultant, or programmer, you want
to know how to single-handedly build sites with databases, shopping carts, download, and upload
areas, staff areas, membership areas, discussion areas, and sites with high degrees of functionality.

And that’s not all. You may also want to build Web-based applications. After all, the next generation
of programs will be on the Web. You might want to build a Web-based sales and contact management system, document management, and workflow system, an intranet with file management and collaborative messaging, a Web-based accounting package, a financial reporting system, a company portal, or any number of industry-specific, Web-based applications.

The Legacy Beast:-

Let’s start with a misconception: Building advanced Web sites has to be tough. This notion is
accepted as gospel in most Web development circles. Why? Because most Web developers still use the approach popularized by the dot-com era, which indeed is tough. The approach is called systems integration. It requires you to be well versed in intricate and complex technologies, many of which can be understood only by those trained in computer science.

The systems-integration approach is about building Web sites by integrating multiple software
packages: a database engine, integration tools, programming tools, and so on. The approach is
based on the belief that it’s smart to link legacy (pre-Web) systems directly with newer Web-based
systems. Otherwise, the argument goes, you’d have to throw out the legacy systems, which would
cost you more than integrating them with new, Web-based systems.

A Web Approach:-

As you may have guessed, this book is not another attempt to simplify the world of systems
integration. It is not a patch or a fix to what should be obvious to most—that systems integration is a
dead end. There is no sense in spending so much money and time-saving old systems or integrating
them with the Web. It’s a lot easier and less costly for customers to simply transfer their data to new
Web-based systems and ready themselves for a new Web-based world.

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