Wireless Transmission Media Microwave System Information

Wireless Transmission Media Microwave system Information” In unbounded media, communication devices communication with each other through air or space using broadcast radio signals, microwave signls and infrared signal. The signals are not bound to a specific path. It can be used to transfer the data all over the world. It is also called unguided media. Some example of unbounded media for communication are as follow…!

Wireless Transmission Media Microwave system Information Microwave are radio waves that are used to provide high speed transmission. Both voice and data can be transmitted through microwave. Data is transmitted through the air from one microwave station to another similar to radio signls. Microwave uses line of sight transmission. It means that singnals travel in straight path used cannot bend. The microwave station or antennas are usually installed on high towers or buildings.

Wireless Transmission Media


The station are placed within 20 to 30 miles to each other, each station receives signals from previous station and transfer to the next station. In this way, data transferred from one place to another. There should be no buildings or mountains between these stations.

Satellite Communication:

Satellite communication is a space station that receive microwave signals from earth. based station. It amplifies the signals and retransmits them back to different earth based stations. The station communication is placed about 22300 miles above the earth. The transmission from satellite to earth besed station is called uplink.

The data transmission of satellite communication is very high. However bad weather can affect the quality of satellite transmission satellite communication is used in different application such as television and radio broadcast, forecasting, global positing system and internet connections etc.

Broadcast Radio:

Broadcast radio is a wireless transmission medium. It distributes radio signals through the air over long and short distances. Radio transmission requires a transmitter to send broadcast radio signals and a receiver to receiver it. The receiver uses an antenna to receiver the signals. Some networks use transceiver that can both send and receive signals.

An example of short range broadcast radio communication is Bluetooth. It uses short radio signals range waves to transmit data at a rate of 1 mbps among Bluetooth enabled devices. Bluetooth is used in personal computer internet application cellular phone fax machines and printers.

Cellular communication:

Cellular communication is a wireless communication system. It is widely used all over the world for mobile communication. a cellular communication system is used to transmitted text, image, voice, and video.

Cellular communication divided a physical region into different section known as cells. For example, a city can be divided into small cells. Each cell has a low-powered radiation transmitter/receiver.

The cells are close enough to one another so that the signals strength is maintained throughout the area. These cells are linked together to enable a large number of cellular phones to communication with one another.

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